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Do you have a child? Are you thinking of having one? Have you ever been a child? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the book for you!

Becoming a mom or dad isn't an easy decision. It can happen by chance or after months of trying to become pregnant. And once that little bundle of joy is in your arms, and then growing, you never know what he or she will say or do!

Within the pages of RATED: PG, the author will tell short stories of her own three children growing up and the many things they did or said throughout the years. Some are funny, others are more profound and some are thought provoking. Each child has his or her own view of the world around them and they are not afraid to tell their parents how they feel about it!

As the author recalls each story, a comment from her own view of life with children is given.These comments may enlighten readers to becoming better and more knowledgeable parents.

Or you may read of the parental insanity that can result in raising today's kids!


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Following the success of her premier novel, REUNIONS, Jeanie Le Claire offers REUNIONS II: AND LIFE GOES ON, the continuing saga of the children of star crossed lovers Annie Baker Davidson and Jimmy Williams. Yet, this is a standalone encore novel about ordinary people entangled in extraordinary circumstances.

While Julie Davidson embraces the future, she hides a secret about her mother’s past. When she realizes that her fiancé, Kenny, is not all that he pretends to be, their lives turn into a mysterious and escalating roller coaster of a ride thriller.

Matthew Williams and his wife, Caroline, know they lead a blessed life with their young daughters. He is surrounded by love from his family and has no knowledge of his father’s affair. But his Aunt Fran, with her razor sharp wit, had been Jimmy’s confidant throughout the years. 

Julie knows she must find a way to keep her mother’s secrets buried, but as the story unfolds, the two families will be tethered again with unexpected and riveting results that will keep you turning the pages until the full story is told.

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ePub: $3.99




What makes a man or a woman stay in a loveless marriage?

If fate chooses to reintroduce them to their high school sweethearts, should they deny the love they still feel for each other? And can that love transcend into another lifetime?

Soothe the quiet places of your soul with this unforgettable story of passion and desire of a life long love. Readers will be pulled into each page of this stunning work of fiction when Annie, the homecoming queen, meets Jimmy, the class clown, during the turbulent 1960s. They find love but are separated, only to discover that their love haunts the divided lives they have chosen.

Annie has married Jake, a verbally abusive alcoholic who seems to relish beating down any self-esteem she has. Although Annie holds onto her marriage vows, life with Jake is a roller coaster of highs and lows hinging on his drunken tirades. Only Annie's children shine any light into her life, until she takes her first step at personal independence and happiness. 
Jimmy and his wife, Madeline, have become friends without benefits. Each day is filled with his career to hide the emptiness he feels. But Annie walks back into his lonely life, shaking the dust from his heart.

Twisting in strands of popular music that will startle your mind and tug at your heart, Annie and Jimmy realize that bringing their lives together is a matter of when, not if. With each reunion, Annie and Jimmy help each other to discover the truths of enduring their own emotionally empty marriages while they fight the feelings of betrayal to their families.

Annie realizes that leaving Jake is best for her and her children. But Jimmy refuses to leave Madeline. Does he truly love Annie as much he says?

Travel with Annie on her journey of both self-exploration and self-preservation as she meets the physical challenges of becoming handicapped after a life threatening car accident. Will Jimmy be there for her?

Each intriguing reunion will bring Annie and Jimmy closer to, "'Till death do us part.”

Purchase Paperback book: $16.99

ePub: $3.99